Tuesday, 24 June 2014


The volcano has been rumbling for a full 5 days. I wonder when it will stop. Suddenly I see a small red smudge above the volcano. I see it again. This time it’s bigger. I’ve seen enough to know that the volcano is about to explode. I turn and run to the garage, fumbling with my keys as I go. I jump into the car and start the engine. But I have forgotten to open the garage door! I leap out of the car and race to the door. I throw it open. But it has taken too long.  The volcano explodes once more. This time I know I can’t escape. But I decide to try anyway. I will go down fighting, or I will not go down at all. I dive in, and the car takes off. I head away from the volcano, but every now and then I see a sea of lava rolling down the hill towards me. Suddenly the lava is on me. I feel the burning hot lava on my skin. I scream once. There is nothing.    

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