Tuesday, 24 June 2014


The wind has been blowing for days now. I wonder when it will stop. Maybe never. This afternoon, all the power in the house went off. It was really scary for my family and I. For dinner we had ham and cream cheese sandwiches because it was too dark to cook on the stove. We heard a few days ago that there might be a tornado heading our direction. If there is, it’s probably because of the ring. I know I shouldn’t have trusted that guy! But it is unlikely that we will get a tornado down here. We never have in the past. While I have been writing, mum and dad have been looking for signs of a tornado. Suddenly, they are at my door. They are franticly waving and shouting at me to get out!   


  1. This story makes me wonder what is going to happen next.

  2. Wow you've really created an atmosphere here. For a moment I thought it was real.