Tuesday, 29 July 2014


(Book review)


This is my second book review. This book is called, I AM THE GREAT HORSE. The author of this book is Katherine Roberts, and it won the Branford Boase award. Its genre is historical fiction.


    Bucephalas is Alexander the Great's favourite horse. when Alexander's father, king Philip, is assassinated, Alexander is made king. The first thing he does is go to conquer the whole of Persia so that he can be made the Great King.  


  One thing I like about the book, is that it is written from the horse’s perspective. For example: "I am the dark horse, Bucephalas. I am no black beauty. I am a stallion trained for war." One thing I didn’t like about it is that Alexander the Great does not listen to anybody in his army, and that gets him killed eventually.


I think the message the author was trying to give is that, if you don’t listen to anyone, you won’t get far in life. I also think they are trying to tell us that you might be a great person, but that doesn’t mean you're invincible. For example, Alexander the great thought he was the son of Zeus and he was invincible.


I would recommend this book for anyone that likes adventure, action, history or arrogance! I think it should be for ages 10+ boy’s and girls.



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  1. I like how you recommended it for anyone who likes arrogance. You made a very succinct (look up that word) summary and that is hard to do well but you did it. You suggested that Alexander thought he was invincible, it would have been good to have an example of how he fell short of invincible. I like the quote from the horse - that worked. Well done.